Here is why the AYBRS is such a game changer

It Completely Rewires Your Brain to Attracting the Money, Health, Relationships & Vacations You Want!

the 6-steps below bring all the missing pieces together:

  • 1

    It’s a two-part system. Part ONE focusing on your annual vibrations, intentions, and goals – the macro, and Part TWO which focuses on what needs to be done daily to achieving the annual macro vibrations, intentions, and goals.

  • 2

    It reprograms your inner world to achieving incredible outer world results. This comes after years of learning and understanding human psychology and physiology and how to combine the two and have them synergistically working together for truly making what seems impossible, possible!

  • 3

    All the pieces have been put together in a very specific step-by-step system to ensure that you are achieving the results that you are looking for, and beyond!

  • 4

    No App, WIFI or technology required (after you watch the micro-video tutorials). This was purposefully done to ensure that the system could be done in any place or remote location – we want a complete mind, body and soul connection. Also, 20% of learning by our brains is tactile and getting people disconnected from screens and giving your brain the full learning experience is critical to reprogramming your cells.

  • 5

    Each AYBRS comes with a set of online micro-video tutorials to walk you through each step of the process. Watching the videos will truly get your vibration in place before you complete the 12-month Part ONE intentions. Thereafter, you will complete Part TWO, the daily Results System where you start to BELIEVE, VIBRATE, RADIATE & RECEIVE, and thereafter all the magic starts to happen! Once you fully understand each piece you will no longer require the tutorials – they are only there to explain each section of Part One and Two in detail. Please follow the system exactly the way it’s laid out for you.

  • 6

    Private Community & AYBRS LIVE Groups: a huge part of the system is ensuring that you stay on track and big part of that is having a supportive community to hold you accountable and shifting your results together. This is a ton of FUN!

Features & Benefits

  • Dimensions: 9.0” X 11.5” X 0.8”

  • Two parts: One & Two

  • Weight: Under 2 lb

  • Rigid covers: front & back

  • Bleed resistant 120 GSM paper

  • Spiral spine for comfort
    and ease

  • Scientifically designed for maximum results

Who is it for?

Shifting Your Inner World Vibrations to
Achieving Incredible Outer World Results!

Are you somebody that just wants more from life – money, health, relationships, vacations, passive income, etc.?

Have you been frustrated with your results and know that there is something missing, but you cannot put your finger on it?

The above questions come up all the time. We were born powerful beings that are full of intuition and can virtually attract anything into our lives. Then, life happens, events happen, and you start to wrap yourself with protection layers that alter your inner world vibration and block you from achieving the results that you deeply want.

These events could have been what happened to you in your formative years before the age of 8, or even maybe a life altering event that has severely impacted you and your vibration. Whatever it is, if you are not achieving the results you want in any area or areas of your life, it has to do with your inner world vibration.

The sooner you start using the AYBRS the quicker you rewire your brain and reprogram your cells to attracting anything that you want into your life. We understand that you may have been on this planet for a decade or two or a lot more – it does not matter!

We have children as young as 7 using the AYBRS and seniors in their 80s.

If you want to shift your inner vibration and start having what you want in your life, get started by ordering your Vibration Pack today!

In fact, order for your family and do it together. The sooner you start your children on this journey, the quicker they will have the results that you may have so desired decades ago! This gives them a quantum leap forward in their lives.

The AYBRS is a great gift to give family, friends, work colleagues, and to even do it together as a family unit or group. In the past 2 years there have been lots of jobs lost, businesses closed, mental health issues, weight gain, substance abuse, eating challenges, those that are lonely, bored, lost their way, recently fired, career stalled, looking for their purpose in life, lost a loved one, unrequited love, etc. The AYBRS is designed for anyone who wants to improve one area of their life or multiple areas.

About The Founder &
Lead Vibration Architect


Colin Sprake

The Creator

Nobody Else Controls Your Life… It’s 100% YOU!

After attending hundreds of seminars, workshops, retreats, and spending over $250,000 learning about positivity, power affirmations, habits and routines, Lead Vibration Architect, Colin Sprake was frustrated because nothing seemed to be working for him.

He was lost and wondering why all the seminars and mirroring of other people had not worked or delivered the results for him, or they did for a few days and then it went back to the same or even worse than before. He started searching why they were not working and forever life changing.

After decades of searching and looking for tools that could take him to the next level with his results. He did not find anything that truly worked on the inside. He also figured out that his outer world results were 100% governed by his inner world vibrations. This was a gamechanger for him.

As a qualified engineer, Colin was determined to figure all this out for himself and took all he had learned and built this powerful brain rewiring and cellular reprogramming system. Now, his goal is to show everyone how to gain control of their lives in every way and overall shift the entire planet toward love and financial abundance for all.

He then took all the tools and outer world processes he had learned and shifted them to inner game changing processes. He used his own system and perfected it and in 60-days grew his net worth by $3,400,000. It’s 100% because of the way that the Awaken Your Brilliance Results system is designed. It will rewire your brain and reprogram your cells to more money, love, health, etc.

Shifting you, your family, your friends, your community, and the world!

We have been led by our governments into a culturescape that are not designed to give us the massive success that we are wanting. 85% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, 3 out of 4 people get cancer, and stress kills more than any disease or illness in the world.

Colin’s mission is to help people change their inner world and be totally free of the culturscape, so they can achieve and control their own results in every way.

Global Impact

Every AYBRS Helps Somebody Else Uplevel Their Life!

We at AYBRS love supporting others and making this world a better place for us all. We have chosen to work with a fantastic organization called Urban Promise Honduras headed up by Blair Quinius. They have just secured the land to build an entire community and will be breaking ground to build the complete facility over the next 12 months or so. Above is a picture of Blair after we raised enough money to purchase the land. This is a huge part of why Colin does what he does… it brought a huge smile to his face when he received the picture above from Blair.